Double Dig IT Unused Term Count Tool

Do you know the problem that over time, linked records in a database can become "disconnected," and in principle, the linked record can be deleted, but you don't know which records they are?

In a thesaurus or in a personnel file, a lot of unused terms can accumulate in this way. These terms not only take up space but also appear in lookup lists and can be "reused" unintentionally.

That's why it's useful from time to time to see which linked records are no longer in use.

In the distant past, Adlib had a usage count for this purpose, but because the number of linked files has become much larger since that distant past, this feature was once removed for performance reasons (and sometimes the counts were found to be inaccurate).


What can we do then?

This question arose during a migration project of an Adlib user, and as a result, Double Dig IT has developed a small tool. This tool allows you to count how many times a record is linked to each linked file. The results of this count are stored in a field in the linked database, and you can access this field as a regular field in Adlib or Axiell Collections. You must create this field yourself in the file you want to count the linkages for, using Axiell Designer. The tag of the field doesn't matter, but the name of the field must be "use_count". If you don't create this field, all records will be examined, but the results cannot be saved.

Installation of the program:

The DDigit Unused Term Count program is located in a ZIP file that contains all the necessary files (executables, DLLs, etc.). You can extract this ZIP file into any folder, preferably an empty one. Then, you can start the program by double-clicking on "UnusedTermsWin.exe".

A window will appear.

Usage of the program:

Click now on the button Open file to select an Adlib / Collections file from which you want to count the usage of linked records. As an example, we choose the thesaurus here.

After that, press Start to initiate the counting process.

All records in all databases will be read, and all links from the thesaurus will be counted. An additional "benefit" of this counting program is that all records are read, and any issues in the records become visible in the "progress window."

When all links have been counted, the results are recorded in the database. The previously created field use_count is filled during this process. Any existing previous counting results will be overwritten.

Once the writing is done, we will see how many unlinked records have been found.

The use_count field can now be consulted and displayed in Adlib / Axiell Collections since it is a "normal" field.


– Double Dig IT Unused Term Count Tool
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