The ‘digital handyman’ for your archive, library or museum

Do you recognize one of the following quesions:
  • Who knows a savvy IT-person who can fix my website?
  • Where can I find someone to help me clean my data in an automated?
  • My IT-department does not understand my needs, who can help me to help clarify my requirements to them?
  • I have a large collection of digital photo’s that need cropping. I know how to use Photoshop, but can this be automated? For 50.000 images?
  • How can I link my Collection Management System with Wikipedia?
If your institution encounters a practical problem like this, then our company can off you an effective and speedy solution: simply call Double Dig IT, your “Digital Handyman” and we will make you a quotation so solve your issue.

Double Dig IT is a new company, but with a lot of experience in the ALM sector, and approaches the digital challenges in this domain in an entirely new way:

  • AdlibGraph visualizes your Adlib or Axiell Collections application, and can now be downloaded.
  • Caracol Version 2.0 is now available on the Apple App store and Google Play.

 – Fast

 – Cheap

(without overhead, against a fixed price)

 – Practical

 – Using existing products

Double Dig IT started in 2018 and since then we have done a number of exciting jobs for our customers. We are eager to share the results of these projects so that others can benefit from our work. So, keep an eye on this website where we will publish our findings on a regular basis.

Double Dig IT’s expertise:

  • Collection Management Systems
  • (Integrated) Library systems
  • Web technology
  • App technology (IOS, Android)
  • API’s (Application Programming Interfaces, Linked Open Data)
  • Databases (SQL and no-SQL)
  • Data migration (Adlib, Axiell Collections, Collectionspace, TMS)
  • Digital multi-media (image processing, audio-visual)
  • IoT hardware, sensors, Arduino, ESP32

If this raises your interest, or you want to call the digital handymen for a job, then please do not hesitate to contact us.